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Most homeowners never give their chimney a second thought.  It just seems to be a common belief that chimneys will last forever, without maintenance.  However, nothing could be further from the truth!  Your chimney is very busy working for you, a very functional part of your home, and with the proper construction and periodic professional service, can last a lifetime.

Just think about it, your chimney is out there 24-7.  It has to withstand tremendous heat, rainstorms soaking it to the core, it gets baked by the sun, battered by snow and sleet, frozen, thawed out, only to be dried out, baked by the sun - soaked - frozen - thawed again, again, and again.  Day after day, year after year!  All of the while, it's delivering the volatiles and dangerous flue gases to the outside air for which it is designed to do!  Properly functioning, your chimney helps to keep you warm, and it keeps you safe from dangerous gases.

Your chimney system does need periodic service, and professional insight.  It works very hard for you and deserves the attention it needs.  With proper maintenance, you can literally save THOUSANDS of dollars, but more importantly, it can save the lives of you and your family!